CEC of Malawi

CEC of Malawi


CEC of Malawi

Greetings and the peace of the Lord be with you. I pray all is well with you and the church family.

On behalf of CEC of Malawi, and on my own behalf, we are sending our Christian love to the Patriarch, who is also our Spiritual Father in the ICCEC/CEC. We love him and bless him in Jesus’ precious name.

Despite the corona virus which has threatened the world, our church, CEC of Malawi continues to grow so very tremendously, and beyond our expectations. We are praising God for the fast growing of our church.

The work for the construction of the foundation for our new big church building The St. Teresa CEC Parish is going on well. After completion, the church would accommodate over 1,000 Christians on Sunday worship service. This would be the beautiful and biggest church (Cathedral) in my community.


Please, stand with us with in prayers for God to raise people to help us financially in support if this church building project.

I hope you are staying safe in American. Malawi announced 21 day COVID-19 lockdown. Churches are closed here for the foreseeable future in Malawi. We are praying this Corona virus pandemic will end soon.

Attached are some photos showing the church foundation, and also our worship services.

May God richly bless you.

In His service.

Archdeacon Fr. Victor Joseph Masangano.

CEC of Malawi.

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