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Church Online Presence: The digital transformation is underway and the question of presence on the Internet necessarily arises. But then why will I be on the Internet? How to be present? And what platforms are available?

Until the beginning of this century, traditional economy and digital economy could still coexist. The second gradually nibbling away at the first… Until today it is impossible to create a church that is not, at the very least, digital. 

Online presence is made up of the two terms “online” and “presence”. This, in simple terms, means presence or visibility on the Internet. Other terms for online presence are web presence or internet presence.

A church online presence includes everything where a church is represented or can be found on the Internet. Online presence includes your perceived visibility in social media, location services and industry directories, trading platforms, your own church website, external websites and of course searches engines. 

Where can your company be present on websites?

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For Example here is the Google My Business listing
  • Own product and company websites
  • External websites (We link to each other)
  • Google My Business (The picture of your church that shows when you search)  

Own Your website

You can create the best conditions for the online presence of your website by providing current contact information and opening times, an overview of your range of services and products, ideally also directly with an online shop or booking tool. The more information you provide, the better it counts. In order to be even more present with your website, you can also write a blog.

Location services and industry directories often automatically create an entry for you, e.g. Google My Business etc. By updating you “Google My Business” you get free advertising, free reviews, and google will tell you how many people found you.

With these platforms, you should own the entries and maintain the entries accordingly, depending on the industry of your company. If possible, store relevant data such as contact information, opening times, links to your website or information on products and services.

There are of course numerous other services and directories, but these are very common. You are welcome to write other services and directories which you consider important in the comments below.

Social media have long since reached adults too. You can also be present with your company on social media; maybe you don’t know anything about it yet. Facebook and LinkedIn automatically create entries about your company based on user input. Maybe you have already been rated on one of the platforms and don’t know anything about it. Depending on the branch of your company, it also makes sense to be present on PinterestTwitter or Instagram.

When it comes to social media, it is important to have a strategy and to follow it. To be present on the platforms and only to adequately maintain your company page and to react to reviews and mentions is a strategy. Perhaps it is not very effective for advertising, but your profile looks appropriately maintained.

The online presence is channeled into search engines. Many people use Google as their homepage and serve as a hub for the WWW to find the Internet pages or information they want. If you search for your company on Google, your company website, your Google My Business entry and other websites with information about your company will appear in the search results. But you can also be present with search engine advertising in search results or in Google Shopping. Or with a well-written blog post or well-prepared data on your website, you can also place yourself in the so-called “Featured Snippets” with good SEO.

  • Google My Business as search engine optimization
  • Workshop: Google My Business

YouTube is a video platform, but many people who need a solution to a problem are looking for help on YouTube. You can support your customers with your own YouTube channel or advertise suitable videos with display or video advertising.

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