Our Bishops

Bishops in the Charismatic Episcopal Church are not 'elected'.    Instead, the council finds the Bishop whom God has called.  His call must be affirmed by the council and the Patriarch.  These men are called to hear God for the entire Charismatic Episcopal Church and do not simply represent their Cathedral or Diocese."

Bishop Craig Bates-sq


Patriarch of the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church


Bishop Joshua Ayoo Koyo

Diocese of Great Lakes East, Kenya and General Secretary of Kenya

Bishop Kimwele

Bishop Daniel Kimwele

Diocese Kitui, Kenya



Bishop Moses Meeli Ngusa

Bishop Kajaido, Kenya

Bp Matolo-SQ1

Bishop Bernard Matolo

Diocese Machacos, Kenya


Bishop Peter Zedekiah Otsulah Chunge

Diocese Great Lakes East, Kenya


Bishop Solomon Madara Kadiri

Diocese River Nzoia North, Kenya



Bishop Tobias Calleb Onyango Opondo

Diocese of Great Lakes West, Kenya

Eliasiba Woja

Bishop Elias Kimirei Ole Ntoipo

Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya